HCM Data Mart Helpful Tips

Department Name Search

For those Dashboards and Reports that offer a “Department Name” prompt:


You have the ability to enter a department name directly or use the search function:


You may have noticed that there are “2 sets” of Department Names – one which appears in all caps, one which appears in mixed (proper) case. The reason is there are actually 2 distinct department hierarchies available in the Data Mart, one for Recruiting Solutions and one for HCM. The HCM Department Names are those in mixed (proper) case. Example “Accounts Payable” as opposed to “ACCOUNTS PAYABLE”.


If you accidentally or unknowingly select one of the upper case values, you will get “no results” when the analysis runs.


We are planning to put logic in place to present you with the appropriate values based on the department hierarchy name that is selected. 


Until we are able to get this in place however, here is a workaround:

Always enter your selection criteria in mixed case and ensure that the “Match Case” option is checked. This result in ONLY mixed case values for your selection.


Export Results to Excel

Did you know you can export dashboards and/or reports to Excel? See below.


Select "Export" below the Analysis you want to export to excel. Select desired export format, (PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, Web Archive, or Data)


When export is complete, select "ok". Note the exported analysis is available in your local "Downloads" folder.  Below is a sample Excel export of the above analysis.


Quick Search in Reports & Dashboards

Have you ever wanted to find a single value in a large result set?  Scrolling page by page is certainly one way to achieve this but... wouldn't it be nice if you could just jump right to the value?  Follow the below instructions and you can.


Expand result set to full list by clicking on double arrow at base of report


Using keyboard, touch "Ctrl-F" to expose search box at top left of screen. Type in search value and enter.

Note: if multiple values were found, you can arrow from one to the next

Limit rows to the most recent event for employee data

Here is an example of logic to limit the rows returned for an employee to only the most recent data (based on Action Date, Change Event Type, and Appointment End Date)

I have a basic analysis containing

  • Department Name & Number
  • Employee Name & Number
  • Job Description
I added column the following columns to be used as filters and to contain the logic to restrict multiple rows:
  • ​Action Date
  • Change Event Type
  • Assignment Primary Flag
  • Assignment End Date

​I then defined my filter and formulas as below:


Formula to select Maximum Action Date (latest)


Filter Value for Action Date


Formula applied to addrtess possibility that multiple appointments processed on same date. In the absence of the below formula, multiple rows are possible
Apply the below formula to Appointment End Date

Also add the below filter for the formula


Date Column Usage in Core-CT